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Having your gutters regularly checked and cleared out will minimise the chances of any damage and save you expensive bills and disruptions. Debris, moss and leaves build up in your gutter can cause expensive water damage to the property walls and surrounding surfaces.

The weight of debris and sitting water will cause the gutter and it’s brackets to move or buckle or break, resulting in expensive repairs, leakages and poor drainage

Having your gutters regularly checked and cleared out will minimise the chances of any damage. For single dwellings we offer regular domestic customers a free gutter inspection every 2 years

We use powerful triple motor vacs to safely remove debris building up in your gutters up to 3 storeys high. The extending poles enable to stay safely on the ground . 

We also provide, where requested images of before and after and can repair minor faults .

Downpipes and roof gullies can also be checked and cleared out. Where requested downpipes are removed to clean.

We can fit downpipe guards to reduce build up of debris in the pipe.

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Dustbusters Cleaning Ltd t/a DB Window Cleaners are an ISO 9001 Certified company with excellent green sustainability credentials, to reflect a better, healthier image for our clients. We are also Safe Contractor Certified to protect all stake holders.

Choosing a cleaning solutions provider with the greenest credentials reflects well on your business and communicates a valuable ethical image as well as being healthier for your staff and ours.

We want to give our clients the assurance we are as committed to sustainability and protecting the environment as they are.

How many cleaning firms provide their staff with zero emission vehicles?


Residential House - Prestwood

“I was genuinely impressed with the results! Clearly a big difference made given the years of neglect! (Too many online meetings!) Thanks once again. ”

Classic Bathrooms - High Wycombe

“Andy has been doing a good job cleaning our windows for the last 9 years.”

Signature Care Homes - Marlow

“We are very satisfied with the window cleaning service.”

Mrs Saunders - Beaconsfield

“Your window cleaning system is very effective and seems to keep the windows cleaner for longer.”

Mr Fletcher - High Wycombe

“Its very convenient to be able to pay online. Having the sills and frames cleaned each time makes such a difference.”

Mrs Whitworth - High Wycombe

“We’d recommend Andy’s services. He clears our gutters too.”


For all your window cleaning requirements using the latest ethical products and techniques.

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